Decorative Etching – Custom Metal and Brass Ornaments

Decorative etching on custom metal and brass ornaments provides a unique way to make memories that last a lifetime.

How Do I Design a Custom Decorative Etching?

Our decorative etchings are custom designed to satisfy your expectations.  Whether you have a completed design, a sketch, or just an idea, our in house artisans will work with you to bring your keepsake, ornament to life.  We’ll keep in contact throughout the design process, and won’t move forward until you’re satisfied with the finished product.  All this ensures that you achieve your ideal custom ornament, keepsake with one of our metal materials or brass by the time that production is completed.

Custom Metal and Brass Etchings 

The Charleston Mint offers best in class production value at low costs in the industry.  As an International Mint since 1974, we’re fully prepared to handle orders large or small, and you can be confident that your custom keepsakes or mementos will be high quality items that can be priced to sell.  Decorative etching is a great option for souvenir shops, boutiques,museums, fundraising events, or personal and private groups.

·         Attractive packaging options

·         Low minimum quantity requirements

·         Industry leading quality

·         Fast production time

Choose Color or Classic Metal or Brass Finish

Create artwork within 1-2 weeks and plan around 8wks in production.  Choose color inlays or go with a classic metal or brass finishes.  Contact The Charleston Mint today for full pricing and production options.  Our high quality, customer service and cost effective work are reasons many choose to work with The Charleston Mint.

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