About Us

The Charleston Mint, founded in 1974, has since become an International Mint. We created our first custom coin for a large amusement park and from there we expanded our products.  We have produced programs and products for Presidents, U.S. Marshals, Duck and Fish Stamps, Colleges, Museums, Gift Shops, famous artists and non-profits who trust our judgment, history and ability to give them reason to stay at The Charleston Mint.

The Charleston Mint has worked with Patriotic material, helped Churches, Non-profit organizations, Other Charitable Organizations, Schools, Universities, Corporations and Businesses meet their goals by creating exclusive keepsakes and other items for their specific purposes and programs: Christmas, Special events, Capital campaigns, Donor recognition, Fundraiser…

There are several ways to market and get your program off the ground and running strong.  We will help you start your program, keep interests up, and if necessary rekindle a long term program.

We will go into production with your artwork only when it is approved.  If changes need to be made then we modify your artwork or have your sample recreated and once approved proceed.

The Charleston Mint has different forms of packaging to pick from.  We can also customize your packaging for your exclusive program, project and/or event.

Call 1-800-745 (MINT), 1-828 –883-8988 or email (Elizabeth Anne) eanne@thecharlestonmint.com or (Caleb) caleb@thecharlestonmint.com, or  (Graham)gcneiman@thecharlestonmint.com to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals for a project, event or on going program.  We can also help you create a program from the ground up.