Custom Pewter Ornaments

Custom Pewter OrnamentsFinding the perfect gift for every person on your list can be quite challenging.  This is especially true for businesses and organizations.  How do you make customers, employees, and team members feel like family?

A Custom Pewter Ornament from The Charleston Mint offers the perfect solution for corporate needs.  This personalized ornament can be created using any artwork, image, or design that you can imagine.  The Charleston Mint’s team of specialized artists will work with you to create the perfect ornament to reflect your business or organization’s message, and will fabricate the final product from beautiful and durable pewter.  Whether you need a small batch or a large order, you can rest assured that you’ll have a unique and memorable gift solution ready for the holidays.

Custom Pewter OrnamentCustom Pewter Ornaments Make the Perfect Gift

Create a special message of community and belonging.  Each year, when your client, customer, or employee places your special ornament on their tree, they will be reminded of your organization.   Custom pewter ornaments are durable and elegant treasures that can be kept for decades.

No matter how many people are on your list, no gift is complete without the perfect wrapping.  Each custom pewter ornament we can box package or we have folder packaging along with other packaging options.

The Charleston Mint represents the highest quality in decorative etching. Contact us for batch pricing information.