Custom Metal Ornaments | Brass, Pewter, or Zinc

Since 1974, The Charleston Mint has been producing custom metal ornaments for businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations.  In that time, we’ve learned a few things, and today our patented technique blends the best of both worlds with on staff artists and industry leading manufacturing efficiency. No matter what your needs, we can help you realize your vision in small batches or enormous quantities.  Achieve industry leading quality at industry lowest prices by choosing The Charleston Mint.

Color finish on a brass ornament

Color finish on a brass ornament

Custom Metal Ornaments for Souvenirs and Fundraising

Price meets value when you create custom metal ornaments.  These exquisitely crafted keepsakes and collectibles are inexpensive to manufacture, but create a powerful impression that’s only possible through a unique and personal design.  With durable construction and the palpable tactile aura of brass, pewter, or zinc, custom metal ornaments are the best way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Use Color Effects or Classic Metal Finish

Anything is possible with help from the artisans at The Charleston Mint.  Start from a photo, sketch, or just a concept, and our artists will work with you to create the perfect design.  Add color effects or go with a classic finish.  The first stage of your process is design, and we won’t move forward with production until you’re completely satisfied.

Color Details

Color Details

Complete Custom Packaging

Whether you’re creating ornaments for resale, gifts, or fundraising, The Charleston Mint has the packaging solution for your specific needs.  Choose elegant permasuede folders for your finished products, or go with custom boxed varieties.  Your packaging can be completely personalized to make your final ornament into an impressively groomed presentation piece.

Create a Marketing or Fundraising Plan with Our Help

Ready to take the next step forward?  The Charleston Mint can work with you to create a full marketing or fundraising plan to go along with your custom metal ornament.  Since 1974 we’ve worked with a lot of groups to develop the right keepsakes, souvenirs, fundraisers and company gift programs for them to suit their needs.

The perfect full service solution is available for your organization.  Contact us to learn more.